If you are going to create a website for your company or for your personal information page, you will need help from web hosting services. There are some pointers you need to know before you get web hosting service. There are essentially two types of major web hosting service and they are called shared web hosting and free web hosting. These two will have their own advantage and the some will have some disadvantages too. You have to know each type of web hosting so that you will have an idea on which type you will need more.

The free web hosting, you will have to know that it does not actually provide free service, free is only use as a term that you will not be spending money for their services. Right after you ask their help for your website and web resource, they will be putting their ads, banners or pop-ups in your website. The website that you will have will serve as payment as well because that is where they will be putting their advertisements, it will also give them a place and chance to get more clients.

If you will only use the website for some personal information page, free web hosting will be enough for you since you will have ads there, using free web hosting for your website and web resource for your business will be a disadvantage for you. This is because, ads will be pretty annoying for some people and if you run a business, your business will be affected, it will really be a disadvantage for you, you will lose regular visitors and people will not visit your website anymore because of these ads. You really have to use shared web hosting because it will not be putting ads, banners or pup-ups into your website. They say that shared web hosting will be expensive but actually it is not, they just say that to ruin the reputation of the shared hosting company. You will only be spending 1-50 dollars a month, depending on the service that you wanted from them. Plus, if you use shared web hosting, you will really earn more because clients will not get annoyed of the ads anymore, the banners and pop-ups will really be a major problem if you run a business. The website you will have must be clean and clean of any ad because it can annoy the clients that visit your website.


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